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Online Payment

DDFC x Alive and Kicking : Club Kit

Online Payment_DDFC Kit_2018.jpg
Online Payment_DDFC Kit_2018.jpg

DDFC x Alive and Kicking : Club Kit

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DDFC Club Kit

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Alive and Kicking. As part of the partnership the Daryl’s Dragons kit will be provided for free for all current members, however we would like to give you the opportunity to donate to Alive and Kicking.

Donation: £0

Donation: £25
You could provide 90 children with access to a durable football

Donation: £50
You could provide vital ongoing HIV education for 15 young people

Donation: £100
You could provide key delivery funding for Alive & Kicking’s new mental health education programme, the first of its kind

The kit includes: 
- Personalised top with Number and Name
- Personalised shorts with Number
- Football Socks

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Please note:
- Delivery timings are subject to available stock at time of order
- 100% of your donation will go to Alive and Kicking
- This offer applies for current DDFC members as of 20.06.18
- Offer applies for 1 kit per player
- Additional kits will be charged as per current pricing
- New members will be required to purchase kit’s as per current pricing
- All domations are VAT exempt. Please ignore VAT figure on checkout.