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Celebrating a Decade of the Dragons!

Daryl Moore

I was more than a bit apprehensive when my friend Wilson convinced me to try DDFC. But, as
soon as I started playing, I loved it and all my new teammates. The endless games of sharks and
minnows, the numbers game and the occasional muddy match which the Dads used to join in
soon became the highlight of my week. We were four years old and barely knew how to kick a ball or which goal to go for, but slowly we progressed. Back then, we all looked up to the Big Dragons and often stayed on to watch and learn from their training sessions.

Once I was settled into the club, I vividly recall the thrill of trying the kit on for the first time. The excitement of choosing my number and seeing my name on the shirt was incredible. I truly felt like a real Dragon now.

After being at the club for a few years, my friends and I were invited to play in the League. I was overjoyed. We all were. By now the Club was booming and there were so many new faces. Each person with their particular talent and skill set. I was so happy for all our inspirational coaches and our founder, Daryl. Ever since I joined, he helped me become a better player while also being an amazing friend. I know that he does the same for every new person at the club.
After being at the Club for around three years, I remember hearing at the end of a session that
they were appointing a Captain. I thought it would be one of our very talented strikers, but no.
Unbelievably, I was picked. I was so happy that words alone cannot describe what I felt and still
feel to this day. I would be able to represent the club, Daryl’s club, my club.

Every match is memorable. The wind in our hair, the thud of a ball nearby and the squelch of
boots on the muddy pitch. Together, we feel an opportunity and put our training into practice.
Searching for space, the defence kicks the ball up to the midfield. They look for chances to play
the ball to our lone striker. We all run up to support; hearts pounding, muscles screaming, lungs burning. This is football. After being at the club for six years now, we have won stunning victories and suffered crushing losses, but we always soldier on together. We are a team.

Sometimes I see other clubs look glum and unhappy. Their coaches look frustrated and
relentlessly berate their players. I never remember feeling that at the Dragons. If someone is
feeling down, we are all there to cheer him up. What separates DDFC from the rest of the crowd is our togetherness and spirit. We always play as a team. Never hogging the ball and passing to everyone. All the while, Daryl will be cheering us on and giving us motivational half-time talks. Nothing makes us happier than seeing Daryl leap in the air when we score.

There is no doubt Daryl has set up the best club on the planet. And, I’m so proud to be part of it.

By: Kit Chown, Captain and proud member.

Kit Chown.JPG