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DDFC U10s Cup

Daryl Moore

Until Next Year…

The game started with the Dragons pinning the opposition into their own half when Matteo scored a beauty from inside the box. Their keeper had no chance. 
Ethan played superbly, adapting effortlessly to a defensive position and Louis made some mind-blowing saves. The whistle blew for half time at 1-0.

DDFC were in good running for the next Cup match, when disaster struck. The ball went sailing towards the goal well above the tips of Louis’s fingers, unstoppable. 
The Dragons held their heads high. As the second half progressed, Arlo made a break towards the goal, but was tackled by the opposition before he could get his shot away. 

The whistle blew 5 minutes of extra-time. 

Both teams gave it their all, but in the 3rd minute, the other team scored. DDFC worked harder than they had all game. Then, in the final minute after some superb passing from Saul, Alfie and Matteo, Alfie drove the ball to Matteo’s feet and he was off. Racing down the pitch like a Lambo Huracan, he beautifully executed a fast, low shot. The Dragons were rooted to the spot and hardly dared to breath. Unbelievably, the keeper managed to catch it cleanly. 

Full time.

After a valiant effort, DDFC’s spot in the Cup was denied.

Big welcome to Zain on his debut game!

Written by Kit Chown