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Daryl Moore

An exciting game with a bitter pill at the final whistle. A decent performance for DDFC, who went three goals down at half-time. With Coach Charlie understandably realising that there was change needed, he changed formation from DDFC's U10s usual formation (2-3-1) to 3-2-1. Fresh from the coach's instructions DDFC reacted quickly in the second half scoring two goals from corners. However, LSS hit back scoring two goals, one a fabulous shot from outside the box, which hit the underside of the crossbar and went in. DDFC would have loved to have stayed unbeaten in the league and it would've been a great game to stay unbeaten as it was Coach Charlie's 21st birthday. However, it just wasn't DDFC's game today- but we'll be fighting for a win every game.

Written by Saul de Botton (U10s)