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Match Report: DDFC U12 v Camden Elites Soccer U12

Daryl Moore

Date: Saturday 13th September

This time 3 years ago we played our first match in the 'D League' - We have had huge success since then and we finally reached promotion to the A league. This was our first game in the elite league and even though we were classed as the underdogs, it was a nervous time for all... Especially when a few important players were out.

The Match

As the referee blew his whistle, in true D.D.F.C form we made sure to let the opposition know that we weren't going to be pushed over easily. Playing Hyman's famous formation of 3-2-1, the defense was solid - Anthony, Jamie and Eric were a cool and solid back 3, Jamie controlling in the middle with his strong tackles and leaving Anthony and Eric to calmly play the ball to our midfield. After 5 minutes, Camden Elite found themselves on the back foot and we found ourselves counter attacking really well - Nicola and Hamish were both hard working and skillful to have kept the pressure on. Vallone (Nicola) showed great foot work by dodging players and releasing to our striker Zach. The Hoofer (Hamish) was not prepared to let their midfielders past easily, he would make sure to retrieve that ball and would find an immediate pass. Glasser (Zach) was fantastic at holding the ball up in the final third and releasing it when necessary.

Our 15 minutes of fame slowly started to end and Camden Elite were now piling on the pressure. Elites midfield were coming from all different directions, but we did not lay down for one second, our whole team got behind the ball and helped our defense. Anthony was quick as Left Back, he would race 15 yards to make sure Elite would not get that ball into the danger zone. Sharp (Jamie) showed telepathic style of football and read what their main striker was trying to do and Jamie would intercept that ball and clear the danger.

Cameron (GK) made save after save by holding on and tipping the ball over the bar.


With a few subs now on (Tarquin) , (Hayden) , (Alessandro) , (Hector) we were ready to start the second half.

We were back on top with great work ethic from all the boys. Tarquin showed his strength by playing a fantastic half in the right back position. Elite was starting to tire and we saw an opportunity to counter - from defense to attack, back to midfield and then out of nowhere, a wonderful strike from Nicola, which just gets saved and cleared of the line, nearly 1-0 to the Dragons'. We kept the pressure up and I thought it was only a matter of time before we get 3 points. Hayden played his role beautifully by helping a hand to the midfield and making vital challenged in their final third. Hector proved he was no pushover, by taking full ownership of their Right Midfielder. Ale with his tricks and flair spurred his Italian team mate Nicola to carry on for the final 5 minutes. Zach with runs which even Lennon would be proud of.

The few minutes came to the end and both team were feeling the pressure as a goal now would certainly make someone a hero and get their teams 3 points. A nervous time for everyone, but a superb performance by all the Dragons as we fought to keep Camden Elite out of our goal and to gain us a well deserved 1 point to the very start of our A League campaign.

Result: 0-0

DDFC Current Standing - 2nd